IDS Vancouver 2019

I wanted to share a few highlights from the Interior Design Show in Vancouver that I attended a couple of weeks ago. IDS Vancouver is one of the only Design shows on the West Coast, which is surprising, but also a treat because it’s so close to Seattle. The show is open to the public, so if you were ever interested in checking out some of the new products on the market, it’s a great opportunity. It takes place over a weekend, with the Friday being Trade Day. They offer valuable talks on all things Interior, and have experts speak on multiple stages so there’s something for everyone.

It’s always inspiring to see new products, and I thought I’d share a few that stuck out in my mind:

Zanat Wood-Carved Furniture

IMG_9619 2.jpg
IMG_9620 2.jpg

These hand-carved furniture pieces stopped me in my tracks. Incredibly tactile: smooth finishes meet intricate details. Honestly these pieces are works of art in their own right. Zanat boosts sustainability and centuries-old tradition from Bosnia.

Check out their website for the full background story, and for more beautiful inspiration:

Happy Deer Design


You’re going to start to see a theme: I’m love any/all wood products. It’s the Canadian in me! I think all Canadians have an affinity to wood. So not surprising this design show has its fair share of wood products. Happy Deer Design, a Canadian company out of Victoria, BC is an artisan company that designs and builds custom furniture and decor items - even skateboards!

These wood benches with acrylic legs are stunning! The detail of the grain, the texture of the wood against the sleek acrylic is genius.

You can check out more of their designs and products at:

Union Wood Co.

IMG_9635 2.jpg

Union Wood Co, a furniture and wood-working company created a booth that showcases wood in all of its forms. From the raw wood stools, to the plywood, to the finished table. It goes to show just how versatile wood really is as an interior product. Again, my obsession with all things wood is completely apparent as I geek out over wood in all of its glory. Just look at the colour variations!

For more beautiful wood furniture, check out their website:

Jody Bruce Art

IMG_9648 2.jpg

You know I couldn’t leave you without at least one blue item! Not surprising, these beautiful works of art from Jody Bruce immediately spoke to me. I love the graphic nature of her landscapes, with a nod to the Native American culture. The abstract landscapes in all shades of blues and white are everything I need in my life.

Check out more of her work at:

Paola Lenti

There’s always on exhibit that catches your eye with a pop of color, and Paola Lenti does not disappoint. Their interactive, walk-through booth, with patches of their materials held together to create this screen-like fabric was so visually interesting - from both far away and up close!

Known for their durable outdoor fabrics and furniture, this Italian company creates some stunning modern and colorful furniture.

Whether you are looking for a little inspiration, or want to see what’s up and coming it’s definitely a show to check out! Their website:

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!


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