#fbf: Transitional Living Room

Just yesterday I was discussing this project with a potential client. This Transitional Living Room has a lot of charm and brings a ton of character with it. It’s a great example of how to use what you got, bring new life to those antiques that hold value to you, and inject your personality into your home.



AFTER  Photo by Wynne Earle Photography


Photo by Wynne Earle Photography

Sometimes design doesn’t need to be all or nothing. In this living room, the paint color worked as a great neutral starting point. All the millwork was beautiful. Even the custom drapery that the previous homeowner had left behind could easily transition into the design for my client. We decided to work with the space, as it was, and then add some of her most treasured antique furniture with new contemporary pieces. With that being said, we still wanted the space to feel balanced by mixing her special heirlooms with updated accents.

That’s where I come in. Balancing out all the elements and creating a room that has function and personality is my main goal. Working with the client’s existing antiques, we were able to create her story in her home. After all, every piece she had purchased, or been gifted, had their own story to tell. I think it’s important when designing with antiques, it’s about allowing that piece of furniture to shine and hold it’s own in a room. Whether it’s getting the piece refinished or reupholstered, a little goes a long way. By simply adding pops of color and pattern in the pillows and upholstery, we’ve added a bit of whimsy to the otherwise seriousness of dark antique wood pieces.

Some of the more specific things we did in this space were:

  • Re-framing/ matting original artwork - choosing a new color for the matte and frame gave the artwork new life.

  • Re-upholstering Antique chairs - we went with a bold geometric pattern to play against the formality of the upright chairs

  • Utilizing an antique table as the dining table (and raising it a few inches to accommodate leg room) - it was a piece that the client wanted to keep and it made sense to update it to a dining table.

In the end, this open living room and dining room feel really true to the client. We were able to create a sophisticated space without it feeling stuffy. And I mean, who wouldn’t what that yummy blue velvet sofa?! It’s absolutely stunning!

What do you think of keeping some of your antiques and mixing them into your interior?


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