"Under the Sea" Nursery

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - a Baby's room is a great opportunity to have fun with design!  

When I design a nursery, or a child's room, I like to choose a light, neutral base.  A mature color palette can easily grow and change with the child's interests by simply swapping out the accessories.  That way, you don't have to re-paint as the child ages.  

By putting together this Furniture Board, I was able to show my clients that even though I chose a light color, the room can still have a lot of interest.  It's also an opportunity to be more playful with other pieces in the room, like the rug for instance.  In this room the rug has so many colors and textures, that it's almost like piece of art. By choosing a lighter wall color, it doesn't compete with the rug, instead it accents it nicely. 

Often times, nurseries and children's decor can be heavy on the themes, and end up looking kitschy.  Just because it's a child's room, doesn't mean it has to be so literal.  My clients wanted an "Under the Sea" theme for their baby girl, but noted that all the blue and green colors could be misinterpreted as a boy's room.  We avoided this by layering different colors and textures.  A lot of these pieces can actually be used in different ways, creating versatility - and again changing with the needs of the child.


This room proves that lighter colors and a sophisticated approach to nurseries doesn't mean it has to be boring or too grown-up. 

What do you think?  Could you live in this "Under the Sea" nursery?


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