Holding onto the Holidays

I just wanted to pop by to say that I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season, whether it was with family or friends, or even just at home with those who mean the most to you! 

It's always such an interesting time to reflect on those values and traditions that we hold dear.  I'm forever grateful for everything that I have in my life, and the opportunities that have come my way in 2017. As much as I'm looking forward to 2018, and all the amazing things in the store for Maple & Plum, I'm also not ready to jump back into the working world just yet.   I want to sit by the Christmas tree, lights on, with a hot cup of tea in my hands, nestled under my fur blanket just a little bit longer.  Life goes by so fast these days, and there's something about these moments next to the tree that force us to slow down and linger just a while longer.


And honestly, could you really blame me?


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