Bryant Home Treasures

One of my favorite things about the Bryant Home was all the treasures my client had acquired throughout her life! 

We all have items, things we've collected from our travels.  And far too often, these things end up in a closet, or a box, or stowed away and never get to see the light of day.  It was my intention to display as many of these treasures as I could.  Luckily her home came with multiple built-in shelving and areas perfect for displaying all of her previous commodities.

By mixing patterns, framing jewelry, and hanging this incredible Hand-Woven Syrian Wedding Dress, we created a rich palette of color, textures and materials.  We also had her Handwoven wool Afghani Kilim cut and sewn to size that then could define the area in front of the shelves.  This resulted in a cute, designated reading area.  The late 19th Century Piano Stool was the perfect side table; we simply added a piece of glass to protect and level the surface.  And the 20th Century Ice Box transformed into the perfect console at the base of the stairs.  All these pieces give the room interest as well as intrigue. These treasures that may have been tucked away, are now conversation pieces for guests as well as a reminder of the adventures she's had and places she's been!

I hope you feel inspired to display those beautiful items you may have tucked away for safe-keeping, and make space for your treasures in your home!


The Loft Project

My first project involved creating a complete Design Scheme for a couple living in Queenspark, London.  We were given an empty floor plan, made-up clients and the encouragement to design around our clients specific needs.  My "clients" were a young career-focused couple where the wife worked as a Film Critic and the husband, an ER physician.  Their needs included a Media Room where she could comfortably watch films; soundproofing from the rest of the space so that he could sleep anytime of the day or night; an open dining area they could entertain friends; and an oasis for their master bedroom.

As my first project, I think it turned out ok.  There are details now I would definitely change, but that's always the case with knowledge and growth.  There were a lot of elements to consider for our first project - floor plans, layouts, furniture selection, material choices.  Every project is different but the elements are the same.  We're constantly trying to find the balance between form and function.