Holding onto the Holidays

I just wanted to pop by to say that I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season, whether it was with family or friends, or even just at home with those who mean the most to you! 

It's always such an interesting time to reflect on those values and traditions that we hold dear.  I'm forever grateful for everything that I have in my life, and the opportunities that have come my way in 2017. As much as I'm looking forward to 2018, and all the amazing things in the store for Maple & Plum, I'm also not ready to jump back into the working world just yet.   I want to sit by the Christmas tree, lights on, with a hot cup of tea in my hands, nestled under my fur blanket just a little bit longer.  Life goes by so fast these days, and there's something about these moments next to the tree that force us to slow down and linger just a while longer.


And honestly, could you really blame me?


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Bryant Home Treasures

One of my favorite things about the Bryant Home was all the treasures my client had acquired throughout her life! 

We all have items, things we've collected from our travels.  And far too often, these things end up in a closet, or a box, or stowed away and never get to see the light of day.  It was my intention to display as many of these treasures as I could.  Luckily her home came with multiple built-in shelving and areas perfect for displaying all of her previous commodities.

By mixing patterns, framing jewelry, and hanging this incredible Hand-Woven Syrian Wedding Dress, we created a rich palette of color, textures and materials.  We also had her Handwoven wool Afghani Kilim cut and sewn to size that then could define the area in front of the shelves.  This resulted in a cute, designated reading area.  The late 19th Century Piano Stool was the perfect side table; we simply added a piece of glass to protect and level the surface.  And the 20th Century Ice Box transformed into the perfect console at the base of the stairs.  All these pieces give the room interest as well as intrigue. These treasures that may have been tucked away, are now conversation pieces for guests as well as a reminder of the adventures she's had and places she's been!

I hope you feel inspired to display those beautiful items you may have tucked away for safe-keeping, and make space for your treasures in your home!


Reading resolution

Here we are in February and for some of us, our New Year's resolutions are in the rear-view mirror. Better luck next year.  I've always found it difficult to stick to a resolution (usually because it involves my diet and, let's be honest, my sugar addiction is going no where!).  But there is one resolution I made that is somewhat sticking.  

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