#FBF: Updating this Small Space Condo

For this #FlashbackFriday I’m sharing this tiny condo located in Eastlake.





This young couple wanted to update their furniture, paint color, and create a more light, bright and inviting space to start entertaining friends and family. We used their beautiful artwork as inspiration and the jumping off point for the design.

Again, this design was about choosing smart pieces that could work not only in this condo, but easily adapt into their next home. We opted for a light gray paint color throughout, which made the condo feel so much more open and bright.

Even in a small space, creating areas for the different activities that take place is important. One of the homeowners worked from home, so it was important to create a designated work space. Placing the desk behind the sofa created the feel of an office space in this open floor plan. It also doubles as a console table during dinner parties - and a place to set a drink.

A fabric ottoman is a great double-duty furniture piece. For everday life, just place a tray on it and you have a coffee table that is comfortable to put your feet up on; and for those times when you are entertaining, it easily creates extra seating for guests. We chose performance fabric that is easy to clean, because spills happen.

Adding pops of colors, and layering textures create the warm and inviting space the clients were looking for. Grounding it all with a soft, colorful rug makes the space feel cozy and welcoming. And we love adding interesting objects for interest.

Check out the slideshow for all the photos:

This condo went from a dark and sparse home to a cozy and comfortable space perfect for entertaining. And having happy clients is always the best response I could ever ask for!

What do you think? Is this somewhere you could put your feet up?


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"Under the Sea" Nursery

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - a Baby's room is a great opportunity to have fun with design!  

When I design a nursery, or a child's room, I like to choose a light, neutral base.  A mature color palette can easily grow and change with the child's interests by simply swapping out the accessories.  That way, you don't have to re-paint as the child ages.  

By putting together this Furniture Board, I was able to show my clients that even though I chose a light color, the room can still have a lot of interest.  It's also an opportunity to be more playful with other pieces in the room, like the rug for instance.  In this room the rug has so many colors and textures, that it's almost like piece of art. By choosing a lighter wall color, it doesn't compete with the rug, instead it accents it nicely. 

Often times, nurseries and children's decor can be heavy on the themes, and end up looking kitschy.  Just because it's a child's room, doesn't mean it has to be so literal.  My clients wanted an "Under the Sea" theme for their baby girl, but noted that all the blue and green colors could be misinterpreted as a boy's room.  We avoided this by layering different colors and textures.  A lot of these pieces can actually be used in different ways, creating versatility - and again changing with the needs of the child.


This room proves that lighter colors and a sophisticated approach to nurseries doesn't mean it has to be boring or too grown-up. 

What do you think?  Could you live in this "Under the Sea" nursery?


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Bryant Home Treasures

One of my favorite things about the Bryant Home was all the treasures my client had acquired throughout her life! 

We all have items, things we've collected from our travels.  And far too often, these things end up in a closet, or a box, or stowed away and never get to see the light of day.  It was my intention to display as many of these treasures as I could.  Luckily her home came with multiple built-in shelving and areas perfect for displaying all of her previous commodities.

By mixing patterns, framing jewelry, and hanging this incredible Hand-Woven Syrian Wedding Dress, we created a rich palette of color, textures and materials.  We also had her Handwoven wool Afghani Kilim cut and sewn to size that then could define the area in front of the shelves.  This resulted in a cute, designated reading area.  The late 19th Century Piano Stool was the perfect side table; we simply added a piece of glass to protect and level the surface.  And the 20th Century Ice Box transformed into the perfect console at the base of the stairs.  All these pieces give the room interest as well as intrigue. These treasures that may have been tucked away, are now conversation pieces for guests as well as a reminder of the adventures she's had and places she's been!

I hope you feel inspired to display those beautiful items you may have tucked away for safe-keeping, and make space for your treasures in your home!