Taliesin West

"We create our buildings

and then they create us.

Likewise, we construct our circle of friends and our communities

and then they construct us."

- Frank Lloyd Wright


One of the highlights of our Scottsdale trip was a visit to Taliesin West - the winter home of the infamous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  The guided tour around the property gave us a glance into Wright's life, and his philosophies around space and design.  

It was a beautiful day to tour the property, warm sunshine with a slight cool breeze.  It was definitely high on my list of "things to do" while in Scottsdale.  I've admired Wright's design philosophy, but gained a new appreciation after my visit to Taliesin West.  Getting an up close and personal view of how he mixes different elements - hard and soft, closed in spaces that lead to open spaces, indoor spaces that melt into outdoor living - really resonates with how I like to design.  To me it's all about the balance, and that's a trait that Wright certainly perfected in his career as an architect.

If you ever get the chance, go visit!  It's certainly worth a view, and getting to see how beautiful it is in person and how thoughtful design can really stand the test of time.


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For more information, visit http://franklloydwright.org/taliesin-west/