Current Obsession: Faux Wood Tiles

I will admit.  I'm the first to eat my words when it comes to faux wood tiles. It's a product that can go so wrong and look extremely fake.  But boy, I've been proven wrong!  

It was during a recent visit to Statements Tile, that I admitted I may have judged too soon. My jaw dropped to the floor with I saw the line of KingWood Porcelain Tiles. The assortment of colors and subtle texture are a beautiful option for that wood look with the durability of a tile. I've been eyeing the hexagon shapes, in light tones of gray. These tiles are calling my name and I'm convinced I need them in my own home. 

KingWood Tile by Isla Tiles Image from Google

KingWood Tile by Isla Tiles
Image from Google

I also had the opportunity to specify faux wood tiles for wonderful clients who were looking for durable floors in a home that they had planned to rent out in the future.  It makes a lot of sense; especially with such realistic wood options giving you that warm feel with a hard surface.

What are your thoughts?  Would you use faux wood tile in your space?


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