The Final Project

Well you've stuck it through and we've made it to the Final Project!

For my final project I created a Sleep Centre - a clinic that specialized in Sleep Therapy.  This Centre would offer overnight sleep assessments, therapy during the day, and a large open reception area that could facilitate Sleep-related education seminars.   

I wanted the overall vibe to be relaxed and calming.  Almost all medical facilities can feel cold and sterile, and I wanted this to be a place where patients would feel immediately relaxed when they entered. I chose soft, pastel colors, natural materials and soft lighting.  One of the most important aspects of the design was lighting.  Because sleep is heavily influenced by light, I thought carefully about the lighting plan - creating recesses to conceal the harsh light.  I felt that the bedrooms should feel homey despite being in a medical facility to further promote the feeling of comfort.  And finally I wanted a statement when people entered the building.  Being influenced by the Native American culture, I lined the entryway with hanging Dream Catchers.  

This project took the longest to create, but I have to say, it was also the most rewarding.  It was amazing to watch what everyone created - and how each design was a reflection of everyone in the class.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my projects from the Interior Design School.  I am still amazed that this work came from me!  So much fun!