The Creative Project

The Creative Project was a chance to let our imagination run wild for a conceptual design.  Our brief was to design a movable platform for a music festival that incorporated some form of well-being -  whether it be mentally or physically.  

With my nursing background, I immediately thought about improving the Emergency Tent. Then I wondered why people even go to those tents in the first place - which happens to be heat stroke and dehydration.  I figured if I create a place for people to rest their feet, cool down, and get a drink of water then maybe they would avoid the effects of exhaustion and too much sun.  Enter 'Hydro Haven' - a movable misting platform that could be enjoyed at not only music festivals, but parks and beaches anywhere in the world!

This project was one of my favorites.  It started as a basic idea and then sorta morphed into something quite beautiful - and useful!  I have to thank the instructors for pushing my creativity on this one.  I think the end result was something that speaks to my background of wanting to help people, while creating something unique and pretty to look at!