The Loft Project

My first project involved creating a complete Design Scheme for a couple living in Queenspark, London.  We were given an empty floor plan, made-up clients and the encouragement to design around our clients specific needs.  My "clients" were a young career-focused couple where the wife worked as a Film Critic and the husband, an ER physician.  Their needs included a Media Room where she could comfortably watch films; soundproofing from the rest of the space so that he could sleep anytime of the day or night; an open dining area they could entertain friends; and an oasis for their master bedroom.

As my first project, I think it turned out ok.  There are details now I would definitely change, but that's always the case with knowledge and growth.  There were a lot of elements to consider for our first project - floor plans, layouts, furniture selection, material choices.  Every project is different but the elements are the same.  We're constantly trying to find the balance between form and function.