2016: What a Year!

I thought I'd share a re-cap of 2016 with you all!  As you may have guessed it, MAPLE & PLUM got BUSY!! The first to see the decline of attention was the blog (my apologies faithful followers!!).  I've been meaning to post for so long but honestly I blink and the days slip away.  That's good news for 2017 though!  There promises to be many exciting projects wrapping up, which in turn means lots of fun images to inspire your home improvement!

I hope you've been enjoying everything MAPLE & PLUM has been doing and that you continue to follow along - even if it may sporadic!  2016 has been fun!  Let's keep it going into 2017!  


We started the year by finishing off our Apartment Living.  We were limited in what we could do in this rental but luckily we had a clean, modern base to work off of.  Choosing neutral furniture meant these pieces could easily transition moving forward.


What started as a leisurely trip to Vancouver, BC ended up being an impromtu design meeting on the floor of the hotel room!  That's what happens when you love your job and can't wait to share your ideas. 


One of my dearest design school friends came to Seattle and helped finish the Cozy Magnolia Living + Dining.  I loved how this project came together - under budget and high on the coziness factor.  This space truly reflects our clients; and that's something that I strive to achieve in every project!



April showers brought on lots of work!  One project was wrapping up and another was just beginning. Something about the spring makes us want to refresh our interiors... 


Another busy month!  We started the month off by finishing up the Master Retreat.  This is a popular image over at Houzz.  Seems the public really like the grey tones, white bedding and a little bedside bling.

And the Queen Anne Condo got completed!  This is another project that turned out beautiful!  I love how all the bright colors pop off the neutral finishes and furniture.  This space feels like a fun, family home.


We stepped away from our desks for a little adventure in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.  This week-long camping trip provided loads of color inspiration.  The incredible scenery was breath-taking - a well deserved vacation!


Things slowed down for a bit in July, as the summer holidays approached.  It was a welcomed sign, as we started prepping for our own summer vacation.


After all our summer travels, we came back to Seattle... and BOUGHT A HOUSE!

Ok, so now you know why I've been away for so long.  This house is a bit of a fixer-upper!  No one prepares you for home-ownership or the amount of attention a house needs.  We literally got the keys on the last day of August and I don't think there's been a day go by that we haven't thought of at least one aspect of this house.  It will quite possibly be MAPLE & PLUM's biggest job to date!  


And so starts the reno's.  We spent a week getting this house from drab to move-in ready.  It took a lot of muscle and elbow grease but it was well worth it to get rid of the 70's.  

And if the excitement of the move wasn't enough, we also finished off the Baby Boy Nursery!  What a great room for a little man to grow into.  Designing a nursery was such a creative endeavor with all the colors as well as being able to style with toys!


And the reno's continue!  First thing on the list was to replace all the old knob-and-tube wiring.  A safe home is a happy home.  To gain access there was a little bit of demo involved, which was a lot of fun. What's not so much fun... the cleanup after.

October also brought a new friend into our lives - Sienna & Sage!  This small Interior Design firm in Seattle is a kindred spirit in which we can share all our design ideas with!  Working independently can be so isolating at times, so getting to know Tamar and her design aesthetic has definitely been a highlight this year! 


November brought two new clients!  One, as seen below, is a house boat on Lake Union.  The view alone will blow your socks off! 


And before we knew it, it was December and all of a sudden the year is almost to an end.  As the holidays approached, we were in deed speeding up with work - acquiring another client - and not slowing down!  What a blessing this year has been!

As we enter 2017, I just want to thank all of our clients who have trusted and are trusting MAPLE & PLUM with their homes, their most intimate spaces.  It's truly an honor to be welcomed into your sacred place and allowing me to help create a meaningful design for you and your family to share.  

This job has been a leap of faith and it's proving to be one of the best decisions I could have ever made. It's thanks to all of you who support me and my crazy ideas - all the followers, the suppliers, the trades people I get to meet and work with, family, friends, and of course my business manager (aka the hubby) who keeps it all legit!

I'm so excited to see what 2017 takes MAPLE & PLUM!  And I can't wait to share it with you!