the daily grind

Is anyone else feeling the slump of being back to work?  

The holidays are a great time to gather with family and friends and (over) indulge.  But for some reason, it feels like January sneaks up on us and next thing you know you're back at work, feeling all the effects of the holiday binge. Productivity is low, and all you can think about is a sunny beach resort where you should be, rather than at your desk.

While in the above mentioned stupor, I came across this article on Huffington Post 'How to Set Your Desk Up For The Most Productive Work Day Ever'.  I thought, couldn't we all use a few tips to help us get just a little more done during the day?!

Image from The Huffington Post

Image from The Huffington Post

(Perhaps it was the hanging plants that immediately got my attention - nailed it!)

Whether you work at home or in a cubicle, you can take at least something away from this article.  I like how they incorporated proper ergonomics into the diagram.  I used to perform Ergonomic Assessments for people who worked at their desks for long periods of time, and this diagram simplifies some of the key aspects of keeping your body in alignment.


Our interiors affect how we function in life, and given how much time we spend at work it couldn't hurt to give our desks a little face-lift.  Perhaps it's giving your space a fresh coat of paint in a hue that's naturally calming (think light blues, tranquil greens), or investing in a truly comfortable and ergonomic task chair.  They don't all have to be ugly as evidenced by 'Design Within Reach' and their assortment of stunning Eames task chairs. Or perhaps it's adding a bit of nature in the form of a plant or a fresh bunch of flowers.  It's a great excuse to invest in a beautiful succulent.  Maybe it's as simple as framing that beautiful beach picture to remind you that that vacation is in your future. 

Whether a litter refresher or a complete make-over, I hope your office space brings you a very productive work week!

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