monochrome musings

Lately I've been drawn to monochrome interiors.  There's something so simple and modern about black and white.  It feels timeless and can update a space effortlessly.  It's also an easy palette to switch up every now and again - either with splashes of colour, different patterns or textures.  It makes perfect sense for someone who is constantly looking to update their space, or in my case a design addict who is always looking for ways to liven up my interior.

The key to making this scheme exciting is pattern!  I love the look of layering different patterns to create a dynamic feel.  Mixing patterns can make a room look really unique (not to mention, it's way easier to make it work when it's monochrome).  

We're in the midst of updating our new apartment and I need decor that can easily transition into a new home (when and if that ever happens).  Choosing black and white pieces keeps my options open.  Any colour will pop against this neutral backdrop.  

What do you think? Could you handle a black and white interior?

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I hope you all have a really great weekend!  See you back here soon.