mood board: noun
"an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept"

A mood board is a huge part of a designer's process.  Essentially it gives us the information we need to make all the decisions for a project.  It's like our North Star when we lose our way; and yes, even the most talented designers can lose their way.  It's hard when your brain is swirling with a million brilliant ideas - all of which you want to give in every space.  But it's like my instructors would always say "edit, edit, edit"!  The mood board is where you can come back to, to make sure you are on track.  It evokes the feeling of the space, contains the colour palette, as well as dictating the material choices.  It's where we start and where we will end up when we finish.

I like to think that I have mad mood board skillz.  I've decided that mondays should be dedicated to showcasing some of my favourite mood boards.  I've already showed you one - did you notice?  

On my first post, I shared the mood board I created for MAPLE & PLUM.  I wanted my brand to be easy, casual and comfortable while being modern - with a touch of rustic.  I wanted it to look clean, and fresh while being inviting and friendly.  Just open, honest and approachable design. 

What do you think?  #nailedit?


*images via Pinterest