Maple and Plum is the idea of creating functional spaces that work for people's lives - while still being completely beautiful.  For as long as I can remember I've always been rearranging furniture, organizing, and trying to make my house, and the houses of those around me, just a little bit better.  I'm constantly finding ways of improving my surroundings.  I'm so excited to finally be taking the leap into the design world, and offering my services to you!  I think the key to successful spaces is being able to really listen to your clients - a skill I acquired from my previous nursing career.  Although I may not be helping people in a physical sense, I think we are greatly impacted by our environments.  If I can make just one house a little warmer, brighter and cozier than I've done my job.  

I'm beyond excited for this journey and can't wait to show you more!


*Images via Pinterest