found objects

Do you ever just wander around your house looking at what you have to work with?  Sometimes you just need a little change?  Perhaps you have a nightstand that looks a little tired, and in need of a fresh coat of paint.  Or maybe you're holding onto something that is meaningful, but you don't know quite what to do with it.  

I'm always looking for ways of re-creating what I already have - especially after sitting in front of HGTV for hours and then realizing that a complete destructive reno is not in the cards.  Sometimes a quick update on an old favorite is enough to satisfy that creative craving deep inside.  

We've all been there.  We all have these objects in our house that are just sitting there; begging to be used, updated, or appreciated.  It's not a new concept.  It seems like everyone is DIY'ing in their own way these days -  thanks to TV shows, websites and the glorious world of Pinterest.  And why shouldn't we?  It's an easy way to inject life into a new object, or to express ourselves in a different manner.  Plus it's just downright FUN!  

I thought I'd share a few of those gems that I've found around my house.  I hope it inspires you to do the same!

Do you have any projects you've recently completed, or want to?  Let me know, and maybe I can help motivate you to get 'er done!