current obsession: wood bead decor

I'm been crushing hard on any decor item that involves wood beads. I wouldn’t call it a new obsession, and perhaps it’s not as current as it once was. But the heart wants what it wants. And right now, wood beads are such a fun element to add to any space.

It all started with the wood bead chandelier.  You've probably seen this item, it seems to have picked up steam, and is widely available online, and in stores such as West Elm and World Market.  I love the whimsical, beach vibes the white-washed wood beads give the traditional style chandelier. I’m not sure how practical it is to give off light, but it sure is pretty to look at!

I’ve also noticed that wood beads have worked their way into the decor realm, in the form of garlands and necklaces.  They bring to mind mala beads, but are often chunkier, tied together with rope or hemp. In any case, they are an easy way to add some style to your coffee table, or shelf.  Again, they emit that relaxed, cool vibe with minimal effort.

The third common wood bead decor comes to us via the nursery, again in garlands and mobiles. There seems to be a shift to more natural products for babies including wood toys, which makes sense to add those elements in the decor as well. Again it’s that whimsical nature, yet the texture and softness of the these round shapes.

* all images found on Pinterest

* all images found on Pinterest

What are your thoughts?? Anyone else obsessed with incorporating some wood beads into their home?



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I wanted to share with some of my favorite pieces that I found at the Las Vegas Market in January. Just for reference, Las Vegas Market is 3 large buildings, with 16 floors each of furniture, decor, accessories and gifts - so you can imagine how overwhelming it can be! Luckily for you, I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favorites! Read on below for the breakdown on each piece, and why I love it. It wasn’t easy to narrow down all the choices, but I decided to go with the pieces that immediately caught my eye. And I have to admit, I’m trying to figure out ways I can put all of these items in my home!

1. Cosmopolitan Buffet/Cabinet; Bungalow 5, 2. Reva Bar Stool; Interlude 3. Solano Pendant; Palecek 4. Sal Woven Chair; TovFurniture 5. Woodside Canopy Bed; Palecek 6. Brittany Bench; Kim Salmela 7. Kelsey Stool; Interlude 8. Jupiter Chair; NPD 9. Suma Beaded Urn; Palecek

1. Cosmopolitan Buffet/Cabinet; Bungalow 5, 2. Reva Bar Stool; Interlude 3. Solano Pendant; Palecek 4. Sal Woven Chair; TovFurniture 5. Woodside Canopy Bed; Palecek 6. Brittany Bench; Kim Salmela 7. Kelsey Stool; Interlude 8. Jupiter Chair; NPD 9. Suma Beaded Urn; Palecek

1. grass cloth cabinet

I love the look of this grass-cloth covered cabinet. The two-tone blues, topped with the bright white, and silver detail - I honestly can not get enough. There’s something so special about choosing a dresser or cabinet, or console with some texture. It brings in a little something extra, amps up the drama and is honestly just such a great statement piece. I want!

2. Lucite Bar stool

I mean what is there to say. It’s a lucite barstool! It’s glam, and sexy, and most importantly comfortable! I know because I sat in one of these stools for a presentation during the Las Vegas Market, and I gotta say, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed sitting in it. I love the pop of metal on the legs, which comes in silver or brass. STUH-NING!

3. Ombre Wood Bead Chandelier

Wood Beaded Chandeliers are not anything new. We’ve seen them for the past year or so at places like Pottery Barn, World Market and Pier1. That being said, I love the way the ombre beads create a new and fresh perspective on this light fixture. I love adding texture to any room and this is one way to add some visual interesting - it’s like jewelry for the ceiling!

4. Textured backs on lounge chairs

I noticed this fun detail in more than one showroom - chairs and sofas with textured backs. I love love love that they’ve weaved the material, especially in a fabric as unexpected as velvet. It adds subtle interest in a space, but in such a smart and thoughtful way. And again, anything textural and I’m in!

5. Rattan-wrapped bed frame

This bed belongs in my beach home - if I owned a beach home. I love the white-washed feel to the rattan, which creates that fresh and airy feel. It gives the illusion of softness from a hard material. There’s a sense of luxury, and I mean who doesn’t want to sleep in luxury?

6. Plaid Bench

There is something so special about this simple, clean-lined bench. I can’t put my finger on it. Is it the pastel, plaid fabric? Is it the fact that it is completed upholstered, including the legs? I honestly don’t know. But I could see this classic piece in a bedroom, an office, entryway, or living room. Timeless pieces never go out of style.

7. Mixed-Material Round ottoman

I mean how cute is a tiny round ottoman?! I just love the interest that this little fella provides. The multiple tones of gray, the mix of velvet, wood, and metal in between - it just packs a punch of interest! Again, an easy way to add a bit of interest to any space.

8. Forest Green and Black Lounge Chair

This chair caught my eye the minute I saw it. I loved the pairing of the black wood, with the forest green fabric. I was even more impressed when I gave it the ol’ sit test - it’s actually comfortable! The lines of the back mimicked in the base are a beautiful visual for any space. It feels like a classic kitchen dining chair, but modernized.

9. Beaded Vases

Again, this is all about the texture. Accessories are always a great way to add interest and texture to a space without committing to big furniture pieces. I love the combination of the black and the cream, it makes it look sophisticated. These could be used in multiple spaces, and would look great with a bright pop of greenery.

What do you think of my choices? Would you like to incorporate any of these pieces in your home? Let me know what you think!



"Under the Sea" Nursery

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - a Baby's room is a great opportunity to have fun with design!  

When I design a nursery, or a child's room, I like to choose a light, neutral base.  A mature color palette can easily grow and change with the child's interests by simply swapping out the accessories.  That way, you don't have to re-paint as the child ages.  

By putting together this Furniture Board, I was able to show my clients that even though I chose a light color, the room can still have a lot of interest.  It's also an opportunity to be more playful with other pieces in the room, like the rug for instance.  In this room the rug has so many colors and textures, that it's almost like piece of art. By choosing a lighter wall color, it doesn't compete with the rug, instead it accents it nicely. 

Often times, nurseries and children's decor can be heavy on the themes, and end up looking kitschy.  Just because it's a child's room, doesn't mean it has to be so literal.  My clients wanted an "Under the Sea" theme for their baby girl, but noted that all the blue and green colors could be misinterpreted as a boy's room.  We avoided this by layering different colors and textures.  A lot of these pieces can actually be used in different ways, creating versatility - and again changing with the needs of the child.


This room proves that lighter colors and a sophisticated approach to nurseries doesn't mean it has to be boring or too grown-up. 

What do you think?  Could you live in this "Under the Sea" nursery?


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